How do we lead with love?


A Dialogue with Alexa Conradi

What does it mean to lead with love? How might we shift the paradigm and bring love (back) to the centre of social change?

For our second digital dialogue of Season 1, we explored these questions and others as part of “(Re)centering, (Re)discovering, (Re)learning” with activist, author and shift disturber Alexa Conradi. The dialogue took place on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Impact Hub Ottawa and was live-streamed via Zoom.

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Activist work takes place under difficult conditions. How can we take part in public debates without wearing ourselves out?  That is the question that worries me. To answer it, I turn to exchanges I have had with Black and Indigenous women on what they do to keep going despite a very long history of exploitation.

All of them have a spiritual practice. Their life includes recognition of the struggles and sacrifices of their ancestors: mothers, aunts, grandmothers. They keep these women alive to draw inspiration from them. They honour them. They refer to them. They name them in their prayers. They reassert these women’s love for those who belong to them. They speak of their courage, intelligence, and beauty. These are ways of counteracting the internalization of hatred.

Their activism is filled with love. They do not lose sight of the importance of each life and each relation—that is, every relation with every living being.


About Alexa

Alexa Conradi is an award-winning author, speaker, trainer and feminist activist. She is the author of Fear, Love and Liberation in Contemporary Québec: A Feminist Reflexion, published in 2019 by Between the Lines. From 2009-2015, she was president of Canada’s largest feminist organization, the Fédération des femmes du Québec. From 2006-2009, she served as the first elected president of the political party Québec solidaire.