Community Commitments


CKX Questions is a community-driven public platform for dialogue, reflection and action on issues and ideas central to transformative change.

As a digital platform, we recognize that realizing this vision will take more good intentions. Online hate speech is increasing in Canada (up 600% between 2015 and 2016, according to a Cision study cited in Maclean’s), content moderation policies on major platforms continue to silence activist voices, and online violence and abuse continue to disproportionately target and impact women, particularly women of colour. Technology is never neutral, and online spaces aren’t safe spaces for far too many voices.

It is with these realities in mind that we set forth our commitments around CKX Questions — the ways in which we commit to working together to create a safe and respectful space for everyone to engage deeply with each other on the platform. We hope they will foster a deeper conversation around the actions we can take to push back against online injustices.

Friends, Not Avatars

How would you engage with a friend in conversation at your favourite coffee shop? Far too often, we lose sight of the humans behind the screens when we engage online. Let’s commit to seeing the person behind the pixels.

I Over We

Everyone’s lived experiences are unique. Speaking to your specific experience (or if appropriate, that of a community you are a part of) can prevent the perpetuation of misinformed arguments, generalizations and/or harmful stereotypes.

Recenter the Conversation

Referred to in some spaces as the “step up/step back” approach, recognize your own positionality within a conversation. If you are one who holds a high level of power and privilege (often holding the microphone as a result), consider stepping back to create space for others to engage in the conversation.

Embracing Difference and Discomfort

CKX Questions holds space for dialogue on complex issues in social change work. Shifting the status quo will require us to be open to engaging with diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

Note: this should never come at the expense of one’s self care. Please note our anti-harassment policy below.

Be an Accomplice

In exploring ways to meaningfully shift the status quo, let us commit to moving beyond tokenized allyship to solidarity with marginalized communities.

Commitment to Continual Learning

We each have ongoing work to do deepen and grow our understanding and awareness. Let us support each other in our ongoing growth.

Adapting This Commitment

These are starting points from the best of our experience and active learning. In stating these commitments, we acknowledge our own privilege in the ways in which we have largely been able to interact and engage with digital spaces. We commit to updating, adapting and opening up this commitment with the insights of this community, and welcome your feedback and input — please share your thoughts with us at

Our Anti-Harassment Policy

In seeking to create a platform that is accessible to all, and in recognition of the ways that marginalized communities have historically had to defend themselves from verbal and written abuse in dialogue spaces, We will strictly enforce an anti-harassment policy across CKX Questions.

Harassment is defined by the Canadian Human Rights Commission as follows:

  • offending or humiliating someone physically or verbally; [eds. and emotional humiliation and manipulation]

  • threatening or intimidating someone; or

  • making unwelcome jokes or comments about someone’s race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or pardoned conviction.

In light of this definition, the following behaviours/content will not be tolerated:

  1. Personal attacks of any nature.

  2. The promotion of racist, misogynistic, trans-phobic or intentionally hurtful content.

Content that falls within the criteria above will be removed from the platform.

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