Introducing CKX Questions

Throughout 2018, Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) gathered up the approaches at the heart of our agency (reflective practices, place-based learning and deep knowledge exchange) and wove them deeply into our continued development as an agency.

What values do we collectively stand for as CKX?

How do we leverage the power and privilege we hold both individually and collectively to advance the causes and commitments we hold dear?

How can we live our values, not only through the efforts we’re a part of, but in the ways in which we show up and engage in the work itself?

In preparing to launch our renewed programming this year, living through and with these questions  has guided our steps has held us accountable to the communities we serve.

We know that these questions do not have concrete, finite answers — our response to them will continue to grow and evolve as we work with — and as — shift disturbers. We know that we are not alone in asking or exploring these questions; rather, we are inspired by those around us and before us who illuminate ways and possibilities forward that are fundamentally different — ways that centre empathy and interdependence —  from the status quo.

As a social change agency, we have both an opportunity and responsibility to share openly, honestly and vulnerably as we continue our pursuit. We can and must use our platform to amplify the voices and perspectives of others. These commitments led to the development of CKX Questions.

CKX Questions is a collaborative digital platform for dialogue, reflection and action on issues and ideas central to transformative change. Each season, we’ll unpack and explore a framing question by hosting virtual conversations, compiling reflections and insights through a podcast series (called CKX Questions) and Fieldnotes, and curating community-driven resource lists.

The guiding question for season 1?

“How we begin to embody the just futures we strive for?”

Throughout the season, we will explore: How do we begin to reckon with the financial roots of the social change sector? How do we begin to meaningfully decolonize our approaches and practices? And how do we confront issues of access and agency and power and privilege as we look to live our way to just and equitable futures?

We look forward to learning with and from you over the course of this first season. Subscribe to the CKX Questions newsletter, add CKX Questions to your podcast feed, join us on social media with #CKXQuestions and reach out ( with ideas, reflections and feedback.

Here’s to living through and with our questions…

Signed - Team CKX

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