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As I look out at the challenges we face in the world today, I have found myself looking back —reading the works of those who have lived in pursuit of that moral arc of the universe that bends towards justice.


In this reflection, I am reminded that every social movement and transformative social change has begun, humbly or heroically, with embodiment — seeing the promise and possibility of a new norm, perspective or way of being, and living in a way that awakens this reality. This embodiment can take many forms: resistance, renewal or a refusal to continue to perpetuate a system that is rooted in injustice.

We need these acts and actions now more than ever, for the challenges we face are significant and urgent — continued colonial violence, sexual assault (a violence that disproportionately impacts trans women, Indigenous women and women of colour), and rising temperatures. And we’re running out of time.

How might we come to manifest alternatives to the injustices of our current system? And how can we support one another in realizing these new realities? I look forward to exploring these questions with you over the course of this, the first season of CKX Questions.

- Alexander (Season 1 Director)

P.S. The inaugural season of CKX Questions is inspired by and deeply indebted to the work of adrienne maree brown (first with “Emergent Strategy” and again with “Pleasure Activism”). If you aren’t familiar with the wisdom and brilliance contained in their pages, make your way to your local bookstore - you won’t regret it.


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